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“To be a leading research and advisory centre on energy, environment, and sustainable rural and business development, in close partnership with national and international organizations.”

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SDRC - Projects

Background and Rationale of the Project

It is the start of the sustainable development revolution, an era of fast paced transition to green technologies, renewable energies and regenerative bio-technologies. Pakistan has yet to cash upon the dividends that such progress gives to a nation. For the developing countries it is all the more important to use these technological developments to address the issues of energy shortage, food and water scarcity, community health care, unemployment, illiteracy and social injustice.
Keeping in view the weakening of the economy and the growing energy deficit in the country, it is imperative for us to take well-planned, proactive measure to alleviate the distress of rural occupants who are earning farm-based or non-farm based livelihoods and who have little or no access to public services.
To allow any technology-based solution to be smoothly implemented and effectively utilized over the long run, the chosen rural community must be provided fulfillments of basic amenities and the inhabitants of that area must also be taken through a process of social mobilization to make them willing to allow intervention in their social and economic set up.

Objective of the Jaffer Jokhio Village Project

Jaffer Jokhio village was selected as a suitable community to initiate our project of creating a self-sustainable Model Village via application of renewable energy, agronomic research, and education through distance learning.
This goal cannot be achieved without first addressing the villager’s primary concerns. Unless the village is not raised to a level of self-sustenance in basic amenities there can be no question of social mobilization and technological intervention in their lives.
The objective is to convert this village into a self-sustainable model village by the end of the project duration and implement the research efforts by SDRC, CRER, SCRC and A.L.I.  To achieve this objective we will carry out phased implementation of CRER renewable energy technology, a clean and stable water supply system, SCRC health and agronomics initiative, A.L.I education initiative and awareness campaigns and managerial efforts to build a environment conducive for all intervention projects.

National and Global Activities