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“To be a leading research and advisory centre on energy, environment, and sustainable rural and business development, in close partnership with national and international organizations.”

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SDRC - In Media

- The SDRC Dimensions
- SZABIST Adopts a Village to Interlink R&D and Society
- The energy crisis can be overcome if we switch off the lights when we leave the room
- Exchanging-Renewable-Energy-Ideas
- Wind-Energy-Projects
- Solving-Global-Warming
- Reducing-Carbon-Credits
- Imposition-of-Carbon-Tax
- Hunza-Lake-Disaster-We-All-Are-Responsible
- Energy-Cooperation-Among-Saarc-States
- Conversion-to-Solar-Power
- Alternative-Energy-Projects-With-China
- Alternative-Energy-Paradigm-Shift

National and Global Activities