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“To be a leading research and advisory centre on energy, environment, and sustainable rural and business development, in close partnership with national and international organizations.”

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The Sustainable Development Research Center (SDRC) was established on Jan 5, 2010. In the wake of global commitment on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDRC was revamped in August 2016 with a view to align it with contemporary agenda of SDGs.

SDRC was restructured on 26 September 2019, merging training unit in it and re-named as Sustainable Development Research and Training Center (SDRTC)


  • Expanding knowledge on the SDGs through conducting seminars and case study analysis at different platforms.
  • Providing research assistance and policy analysis on different areas of development specially improved nutrition, reduced maternal and infant mortality rate and alleviated poverty.
  • Streamline SDRTC with other partners in the public sector, private sector and with the international development partners
  • Making SDRTC a self-sustained organization through taking up consultancy work with public sector and development partners




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