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“To be a leading research and advisory centre on energy, environment, and sustainable rural and business development, in close partnership with national and international organizations.”

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Research Projects

- Eco Cooler System (Goal 13-Climate Change)
- Missing Children Awareness (Goal 11-Make Cities Inclusive and safe)
- Healthy Food Provision to Street School (Goal 2-Zero Hunger)
- Neglected Smiles (Old Home of Darus Sukun-Goal 10 & 16- Reduce Inequality, Promote inclusive societies respectively)
- Green Bin Welfare Project (Goal 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities & Goal 4 Quality Education)
- Inclusive Education (Ida Rieu School-Goal 4 Inclusive and Quality Education)
- Indigenization of Renewable Energy Technologies A Must for Pakistan
- IRENA The International Renewable Energy Agency
- Renewable Energy Policies for Pakistan and India A Comprehensive Study
- Renewable Energy Policies of China and Germany
- Renewable Energy Policies of UAE
- SZABIST’s Proposal on Medium Term Policy on Renewable
- The Clean Development Mechanism A user's guide
- Presentation against Gutka consumption

National and Global Activities